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Nancy's The Original Stuffed Pizza

Nancy's has been serving the best Chicago pizza since 1971. Nancy's Original Stuffed Pizza was invented by Nancy's founders Rocco and Nancy Palese. A perfect balance of the rebellious spirit of 1970s America and centuries-old Italian traditions, the Stuffed Pizza is 2 1/2 inches high and features two layers of crust stuffed with cheese and toppings, and covered with our perfectly spiced sauce.


Nancy's offers pizza take-out, pizza delivery as well as full-service dine-in locations. Find a Nancy's location near you.

Invention of the Stuffed Pizza

It has often been said that the American success story is based on inventing and introducing a product for which the public has been waiting. The success of the stuffed pizza is the story of Nancy and Rocco Palese.

The Best Chicago Pizza - Nancy's Stuffed Pizza

"Nancy's is a Chicago Classic and its Stuffed Pizza is legendary"


"The Best Pizza in Chicago"


"The Place for Stuffed Pizza in Chicago"


"The Best Fettuccine Alfredo in Chicago"

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